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Faculty Focus: World Languages

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Japanese & French Report

Bonenkai (End of Year) party

Students in Year 8 that studied Japanese last year had the chance to join Ms Vandermeer for a catch-up Bonenkai (end of year) party this Term. This was a follow on from their unit on Food in Term 4 last year. They celebrated with Pikachu pancakes, takoyaki, and mochi ice-cream. 

Celebrating Excellence in Languages

Students who are the Student of the Week in Japanese get to wear “the crown” and receive a school Gotcha.

They can win this prize for class work, kindness or being helpful.  

Tyke-Oh Japanese Drumming Incursion

Next term some of the students of Japanese at Newcastle High will have the opportunity to enjoy a performance by the famous Tyke-Oh drummer, Kiyomi Caldwell. They will also get to have a hands-on experience themselves. This experience directly relates to the current language syllabus where the values that students should develop include an interest in and enjoyment of language learning and an appreciation and respect for other cultures. 

2023 has started positively for all our students of French this year!

Year 7 2023 are an enthusiastic, happy and positive group who are eager to learn French. Our French lessons are full of enthusiasm and confidence experiencing the wonderful opportunity at Newcastle High School to learn French, a global language.

Students began their language learning journey via a range of activities such as France and its location, fun French culture facts and France as a world language and its global significance as a second language, The Francophone World and the World Organisation of Francophone countries. 

The Focus in Term 1 for French

In the second half of this term, we began learning French, how to meet, greet and introduce ourselves. Our lessons consistently create a positive and productive French learning experience.

In the latter part of this term, students will be celebrating French Mardi Gras, its significance in France and creating their own French Mardi Gras masks.

We also hope to immerse students in a traditional French breakfast of croissants! More information will follow later in the year for our Croissant Day!

Our Year 7 French students have adopted an enthusiastic, bright and positive attitude towards their language learning this year, opening up a whole new world of exciting possibilities learning a second language can create!  So proud to be working with such a wonderful group of students at Newcastle High School!

A Bientot!

Madame Biasiol