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... computational thinking provides a framework that makes things more transparent and easier to understand ...


Students engage with a number of different programming languages at Newcastle High, starting with JavaScript, Scratch, Python, MakeCode and Arduino in the early years up to Java and C# for the seniors. Students are encouraged to engage with latest technologies as much as possible. It is a common practice to promote independent projects led by students to build on core foundation knowledge.

The Student Tech Support Team is a group of students who volunteer their time and expertise to assist other staff and students in a variety of technology support needs across the school, including maintenance and repairs. Online interaction is rigorously required and encouraged through all computer courses with students needing to make effective use of cloud computing techniques.


  • make coding exciting and fun through industry relevant standards
  • engage students with relevant future focused content and curricula
  • ensure all students are comfortable and safe working in online environments
  • enhance students ability to adapt to changing needs of the workplace
  • promote computing and code development as a lucrative career pathway


  • RoboCup Junior - Hunter Region
  • Young ICT Explorer’s Challenge
  • StarLAB MarsRover Challenge
  • AECG STEM Camp
  • NCSS Challenge


  • Nick Biddle  HEAD TEACHER


STAGE 4: Y7 & Y8

  • Y7 follows NESA endorsed Stage 4 Technology Mandatory. Students complete fifty hours of Digital Technologies. This is taught on a rotation basis with half the year completing Digital Technologies in semester one, with the remainder in semester two.
  • Y8 STEM Rollers is offered as an optional passion project where students design and code roller coaster based tasks.    

STAGE 5: Y9 & Y10

  • Information and Software Technology: a course for Y9 and Y10 with a focus on coding and project development. Students will pilot drones, build websites and robot prototypes, and code programs and electronic products.
  • ISTEM - Integrated Science Technology Engineering Mathematics - a course for Y9 and Y10 with a focus on engineering and project development. Students will build aerodynamic models, space capable rovers and mechatronic prototypes.        

STAGE 6: Y11 & Y12

  • Software Design and Development - the highest level computing course at Newcastle High School with students designing and coding real computer programs to operate in the Microsoft Windows environment. The course counts towards an ATAR and teaches industry standard coding skills allowing students the ability to go straight into the computer programming workforce.