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Year Advisors

Year Advisers work closely with the school Wellbeing Team and teachers to support individual students.

They are an ideal contact for parents who wish to raise issues or concerns about their child - usually concerns that are non-academic or not specific to one subject.

If, for example, your child doesn’t seem to be on top of their homework or says they’re not getting any homework, the year adviser would be the person to call. They can have a chat with the teachers involved and get back to you. The same goes with social problems your child may be having - Year Advisers try to get to know all ‘their’ students on a more personal level and can keep an eye on how your child is progressing.

Year Advisers are dedicated and an integral part of the school community. They work closely with staff and parents to provide the earliest possible intervention that prevents problems for their students.

  • monitor students behaviour, attendance, socialisation
  • montor and support individual learning adjustments
  • support individual students through difficult times
  • assist teachers with practical needs of individual students
  • liaise with counsellor, Principal, deputy principals, head teachers
  • disseminate appropriate information regarding issues
  • initiate and organise cohort meetings and the award assemblies
  • to promote and organise annual year camps



2021 Year Advisers

Year 7 - Mrs Kate Handley SUPPORT 

Year 8 - Mrs Deb Ellis TAS

Year 9 - Mr Paul Myers CAPA

Year 10 - Mrs Erin Pearce TAS

Year 11 - Mrs Brodee Herron SCIENCE      

Year 12 - Mr Gareth Lewis CAPA