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High Potential & Gifted

The Department of Education have announced the High Potential and Gifted (HPaG) Education Policy to be implemented across all NSW public schools.

At Newcastle High School we are committed to providing engaging and challenging educational opportunities for all students, while explicitly identifying and addressing the learning needs of high potential and gifted students in the areas of intellectual, creative, social-emotional and physical domains of potential. Since 2022, Newcastle High has implemented a new and diverse range of programs to foster the needs of these learners. 

About the program:

The Successful, Accelerated, Innovative Learners (SAIL) Program at Newcastle High School is designed to support and nurture the talents of high potential and gifted students, providing them with an enriching educational experience. Our program consists of one class, accommodating up to 28 students who demonstrate a strong eagerness to challenge themselves and exhibit a keen passion for learning.

Aligned with the NSW Curriculum for Year 7 and 8, our SAIL teaching and learning initiatives offer stimulating activities tailored to meet the unique needs, interests, and abilities of our students. The primary objectives of the program are to:

1. Encourage students to take intellectual risks and actively engage in their educational journey.

2. Cultivate a mindset that embraces challenges with determination, focus, and curiosity.

3. Foster the development and application of analytical and creative skills.

4. Promote innovative thinking and effective problem-solving abilities.

Our dedicated SAIL teachers provide comprehensive support to ensure that each student's individual learning needs are met.

For further information on supporting high potential and gifted students, please visit the NSW Department of Education's website for more information HERE.


Key Dates:

  • Tuesday 30 April 2024: Expressions of Interest open.
  • Friday 17 May 2024: Expressions of Interest close.
  • Wednesday 19 June 2024: Academic Assessment Test.

Selection Process

There is a 3-step selection process designed to identify students who are a good fit for the program.

  1. Complete the online application form with your child.
  2. Applicants will be invited to attend an assessment at Newcastle High School on Wednesday 19 June 2024 from 9.30 am-12.30 pm. There will be a break in the day, where students will provide their own lunch.
  3. Newcastle High School staff consult with Year 6 teachers and Principals to further assess applications suitability for the program.

Apply online

Apply online by completing the 2025 SAIL Program Application Form.

Expressions of Interest closed on Friday 17 May 2024, at 5.00 pm. Late applications will be accepted at the discretion of the Principal. Please contact our Administration Office for more details.

The cost of the Application is $15.00. Payment can be made via the

Online payment portal (

add item to pay and follow the prompts.

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