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Technology Access

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Technology Overview

There are a range of technology systems and services that are available to students to support their learning at Newcastle High. The links below will provide information and guides to assist students and their carers to make the most of their technology for learning.

Bring Your Own Device

Newcastle High School recognises the need to prepare our students for a rapidly-changing world, where technology plays a critical role in personal, social and professional lives. BYOD is an important step in ensuring all NHS students are working with 21st century learning capabilities.

Newcastle High School Splash Page

The splash page is a short cut site that preloads on all computers at Newcastle High School. Students can also access the splash page from their own laptops and mobile phones. A bookmark can also be used by typing into any web browser.

Recommended Software for Students

The below software packages are all supported by the Deparment of Education. Follow the links for instructions on how to access and install the software used at Newcastle High School. 


Google Workspace

A suite of word processing, editing, presentations and website creation tools. 


Adobe Creative Cloud

A suite of photographic and film editing, website construction and design tools. 


Microsoft Office

A suite of word processing, editing and presentations tools. 


Minecraft Education

An online three-dimensional modelling, coding  and game development application.

Online Learning and Communication Platforms

The programs below are used by Newcastle High School staff and students for various learning needs and school administration. 

Canvas access

Canvas Access

Canvas is the primary delivery tool for teachers to issue content, resources, assignments and quizzes.


Sentral Access

Sentral is the primary administrative tool for Students and parents to deliver communications, reports and timetables.



Zoom is an online video conferencing tool enabling communication via the internet between staff, students and parents.

Canvas Support

Canvas Support

For students or parents requiring support using Canvas, including creating accounts or accessing classes.



SchoolBytes is used by students to nominate for various activities such as sport and passion projects.