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PDHPE Report

26 May 2020



Practical 7-10 PDHPE classes have participated in varying units of work, including; Fundamental Movement Skills (Yr7), Specific Movement Skills (Yr8), Invasion Games (Yr9), Court Games (Yr10). During these units, students have demonstrated some outstanding coordination and transferral of movement skills in a variety of contexts including; volleyball, speedminton, ultimate Frisbee and basketball. All students participated in the Gymnastics unit, towards the end of Term 1, developing their form, balance and safety on apparatus, such as; floor, beam, trampoline and mini trampoline. Term 2 will see all years complete the athletics and dance units in an online format, which is a new and exciting prospect for the faculty.


Theoretical 7-10 PDHPE classes have made the full transition to the new K-10 PDHPE Syllabus, with all year groups now being implemented in this manner. Some major highlights for the term included the Year 7 This Is Me Assessment Task where students created a detailed collage about their authentic self and the Unsociable Media Task for Year 9, where students were required to respond to the “Like A Girl” stimulus in order to reflect on the impact of the media, and gender stereotypes have on sense of self in current society. We are excited to present the new syllabus units of work for Year 8 and 10 in an online format during Term 2, which includes interesting and relevant learning contexts for our students with #What’s a Healthy Selfie (Yr8) and Risky Business (Yr 10).

Preliminary and Early Commencement

The Preliminary PDHPE and Year 10 Early Commencement class have been working steadily through the Better Health for Individuals Unit of work, developing a sound understanding of the determinants of health, the Ottawa Charter for health promotion and the principles of social justice. Mr McCafferty and Mrs Dennis have been working collaboratively to ensure that both classes understand the rigours of Stage 6 PDHPE and the first assessment task highlighted that the students are on the right track. Due to the current situations regarding COVID19, the scope and sequence has been slightly modified to include the Fitness Choices option, as the Outdoor Recreation Unit required a significant amount of group activities and use of local facilities, and is therefore, no longer possible. This also means that the proposed camp to Milson’s Island has been cancelled. All students have been formally notified of this change.


The HSC PDHPE class are busy reflecting on their Assessment Task 2 results where they were required to respond to a range of HSC Style Questions from the Health Priorities in Australia Unit. The class is developing steadily during this period by working collaboratively via video conference, developing their content knowledge and enhancing their exam technique by focusing on addressing key verbs and sentence structure for short and extended response questions. Mr Anderson is looking forward to taking things to the next level during the upcoming Core 2 unit where students can focus on the Factors that affect Performance, with interesting topics such as principles of training, nutrition, motivation and recovery strategies.


The Yr11 and Yr12 SLR classes are both extremely motivated and engaged in 2020 with a variety of innovative teaching and learning strategies being utilised during their lessons. Mrs Woolley and Mrs Ellis have designed these programs to enable the students to grasp a deeper understanding of concepts during the Game Applications 1 and Fitness Testing units of work, while increasing their physical activity levels. This was evident during the assessment tasks where students were able to demonstrate a high level of skill and understanding against a highly subjective and detailed marking rubric. Next term the classes will participate in Coaching and Social Perspectives of Games & Sport in an online format, which will require the submission of work samples and analysis of videos to provide feedback for peers.


PDHPE electives have been extremely popular in 2020 with a significant increase in student numbers and classes offered. These include Yr8 Human Movement, Yr9 PASS (3 classes) and Yr10 PASS (2 classes). All groups have been exposed to a variety of hands on and practical based learning experiences that expand on the traditional 7-10 PDHPE Programs and lead students into some exciting topics such as; Body Systems/Anatomy, Australia’s Sporting Identity and Nutrition and Physical Activity. The Year 9 cohort are preparing for their Nutrition Assessment Task where they will be required to plan, implement and evaluate a diet plan for a specific athlete, whilst the Year 10 group have been researching a range of sports and athletes that are significant to the Australian culture. 

Human Movement

Mr McCafferty’s Human Movement crew have been studying the human anatomy and identifying the muscles and bones required to improve performance in a variety of sporting contexts. Teachers of these courses are always looking at providing engaging and meaningful learning experiences for the students, so keep an eye out for some different approaches during Term 2 with the way work is provided and submitted via CANVAS!

Thanks for a great start to the year. There are many exciting things ahead.

Mr Anderson (HT PDHPE)