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Google Workspace and Microsoft Office

Newcastle High School promotes the use of cloud based technology through Google Suite or Microsoft Office. Students are encouraged from year seven to use the Google Suite of applications - particularly Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Drive. 

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a suite of online productivity tools that work on any device. Google Workspace lets teachers and students create, communicate and collaborate in real time.

Teachers and students have access to tools that allow:

  • collaborative word processing, presentation and website creation
  • easy delivery and management of assessment
  • time and task management
  • unlimited online storage

Google Workspace is accessed via a dedicated DoE domain rather than downloading. Once an account is approved, set up and linked to this domain, it can be accessed from any device with internet access.

Popular tools

Google Drive and Google Docs

Facilitate group work, secure cloud based sharing. Suited for group work, peer assessment, feedback, review and reflection.

Google Sites

Create websites with easy to use templates, curate and host content and resources, build portfolios, publish student work and demonstrate learning outcomes.

Google Classroom

A portal for streamlined classroom management including assignments, collaboration, online forums and feedback loop.

Google Forms

Create surveys, quizzes and assessments and then distribute them over the Internet. Manage the return data with inbuilt analysis and visualisation tools.

How to access Google Drive

Students can access their Google Drive through the student portal or by visiting the direct Google Drive login.

Your DoE G Suite credentials are your portal username followed by "", eg

Create folders in Google Drive

  • creating a new folder
  • renaming a folder
  • adding files to a folder
  • sharing a folder


Welcome to getting started with technology. This resource is a quick way to learn how to teach in a modern classroom using cloud-based technologies such as Google Suite and Office 365.

In this video we will look at how to create a new folder in Google Drive, rename it, add files to it  and then share it. The first thing to do, is to log into Google Drive using your G Suite credentials. Once logged in, click on '+New' and 'Folder'. Rename this folder and click 'Create'.

Double click on the folder to open it. You will notice that there are no files in the folder, we are going to add two files now. There are two ways to add files to a folder. In this new folder, click '+New' and 'File upload'. You can either drag and drop the file in, or select the file  and click 'Open'. You can see there are two files uploading at the moment.

Once your files have finished uploading you can see them in your folder. You can share these files and the folder by right clicking and click 'share'. Click 'Advanced' to view sharing settings and click 'Change' to see the sharing options. You can change permissions - you can either make it editable, or just to be commented on or just to be viewed. Once you've picked the right option, press 'Save', and 'Done'.

This is how you can use Google Drive with folders and files.

Create & Share Google Docs:

  • creating a new Google Docs document
  • renaming the document
  • adding comments inside the document
  • sharing a document


Welcome to getting started with technology. This resource is a quick way to learn how to teach in a modern classroom using cloud-based technologies such as Google Suite and Office 365.

In this video we will look at how to create a new Google Docs, rename it, add comments to it and share it. The first thing to do is to open Google Docs by typing the web address Log in with your G Suite credentials. Remember to use

Once on the Docs page, select from one of the templates provided or pick a blank one. Rename this docs file. We are going to look at two things in this document. One is to add comments to it. To add a comment, select an image or some text and click on the plus symbol that appears or the other way to do it is to select 'Insert' and 'Comment'. To share this document with your students or colleagues, click 'Share, 'Advanced' and 'Change'. Select the right permission level and press 'Save' and 'Done'.

This is how you can create a new Google Docs and share it with your colleagues or students.

Now that you know more about Google Drive and Docs, think about one or two ways you might be able to take existing content for your classroom (whether it's on your computer’s hard drive, a flash drive, or even hard copies in your filing cabinet) and organize it in the cloud.  


What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft office is an online collection of tools available free to all department staff and students. The cloud-based software enables online collaboration and sharing in a simple and innovative way.

Core tools in Office 365 include:

  • OneDrive
  • Office Online
  • OneNote
  • Class Notebook
  • Staff Notebooks
  • Sway
  • Stream

Office 365 online tools are available to all students and staff through the portal. Staff and students can download the latest full desktop version of Microsoft Office from the Office 365 environment and install on up to 5 personal devices, including desktop computers and mobile devices.

  • Students access Office 365 by following the link under ‘Learning’ in their student portal.
  • Expand “Learning” and click on Microsoft Office 365
  • This  will  take  you  to  the  Office365 Online  Webapps  Suite. 
  • Click  on  the "Install  Office" on  the  top  right,  then  select “Other install options to  download  and  install MS Office.

Sign into desktop and mobile Office applications using your portal ID to access your files stored in OneDrive.