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Senior Studies

Senior students at Newcastle High School have dedicated staff, specialist spaces and extracurricular activities to enhance their opportunity for HSC excellence. There are a number of initiatives we have introduced this year to support students and even more are being planned for 2022.

Senior Study Room

Year 12 students have a room especially assigned for them to engage in private study. This room, situated on the mezzanine level of the library, is staffed with teachers including Mr Hewitt Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as well as a wide variety of other specialist teachers on other days of the week. Students also have access to a new bank of laptops and other ‘paper’ resources including books and past HSC papers.

Bringing Out Your Best

This is a school-based program which aims to encourage students to gain support, from a teacher of their choice, towards achieving their best HSC outcome. Mentors for the current Year 12 will provide their students with guidance on ‘work life balance issues’, refer students to specialist teachers such as the LAST, Careers Advisor, Wellbeing team or external services, if the need arises. Mentors may also provide advice on the productive use of a student’s time in preparing for their remaining assessment tasks, Trial and ultimately their HSC Examination, as well as reflecting on assessment and exam performances. The mentor sessions will be of an informal nature. The mentor and mentees will ‘catch up’ at school within school time.

Y12 English Breakfast Club

This is hosted by the English faculty in Room 13 every Thursday morning from 7.45am until 8.45am. It provides Y12 students with the opportunity to gain personalised tutoring and guidance in English. It includes a light breakfast tea - hot chocolate, fruit, raison toast and occasionally home baked treats ... but more importantly is the assistance of our dedicated English teachers.

Maths Breakfast Club

The Maths faculty hold a breakfast with drinks, toast and spreads in Room 25 every Wednesday morning from 7.45am to assist students with their work. Because numbers have increased greatly they also provide adjoining rooms for quiet independent study.