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BYOD Responsibilities

The Bring Your Own Device  program has responsibilities for both students and our school as outlined here.

In the BYOD program students must:

  • read the policies and procedures for bringing your own device
  • understand and continue to demonstrate knowledge of their responsibilities
  • sign the BYOD Student Agreement with their parent/carer
  • seek to register the device online and not connect to the school before being approved
  • ensure their devices are safe and secure at all times
  • keep their devices safe using carry cases, screen guards, etc
  • use devices according to school and NSW DEC policies

The school will provide:

  • access to the wireless network for registered student devices
  • access for students to download and use Microsoft and Adobe Software
  • access for staff to download and use Microsoft and Adobe Software
  • guides to connect common devices to the wireless network
  • authenticated, monitored, filtered internet access through the DEC network
  • limited loan Laptops for students who do not wish to bring their own device
  • support for teachers to use device-neutral activities to enhance learning in their areas
  • access to Google Apps for collaborative learning on their portal under learning

The school will not provide:

  • wireless access for non-school activities
  • charging, insurance or secure storage for student devices
  • technical and warranty support or training for student devices
  • repairs, maintenance or replacement of damaged student devices
  • one laptop per student as under the replaced DER program